Tom Weeks

Composer, Improviser, Saxophonist

Uc Irvine Icit Curated Playlist

Note: Please click the name of each file (.pdf) to view the score or applicable media. Audio can be downloaded by clicking the name of each file (.mp3), or heard in this window by clicking the "play" icon for each piece.

Curated Playlist

Black Heart Score.pdf (see full score)

Black Heart.mp3 (6:24)

2018 - For Solo Piano


Fenrir Score.pdf (see measure 1 through rehearsal mark “G”)

Fenrir (excerpt).mp3 (3:38)

2017 - For Wind Ensemble, Percussion, and Electronics, with optional improvised coda


Berserker.mp3 (3:12)

2017 - Excerpt from Blood of The Wolf For Saxophone, Electric Bass, Percussion, Voice, and Electronics

(No score available)


Raised By Wolves Score.pdf (see rehearsal mark “F” through measure 102)

Raised By Wolves (excerpt).mp3 (1:55)

2017 - For Flute and Bass Clarinet